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Natural gas has quickly become the preferred fuel for many applications because of its abundance, cleanliness, reliability and efficiency. Natural gas is a fossil fuel and is used as an energy source like crude oil and coal. The U.S. has abundant domestic natural gas reserves and at current consumption levels, estimates indicate the US can fuel its demand for the next 100 years without the need for imports.

Natural gas is currently moved throughout the US using an extensive pipeline network. Where pipelines are absent or impractical, natural gas can be cooled to a liquid form known as liquefied natural gas or LNG and transported by Transgas’ extensive fleet of LNG tankers. For over 40 years, Transgas Inc. has been at the forefront of bringing this fuel safely, quickly and cost-effectively to Local Area Distribution Companies (LDC’s), Portable Pipeline Projects, and most recently to Industrial Conversions sites. LNG can also be used as a vehicle, marine or equipment fuel, like diesel, but is cleaner and significantly less expensive.

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