Natural Gas Refueling Stations – LNG/LCNG

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Liquefied Compressed Natural Gas (LCNG) stations rely on LNG delivery via tanker trailers. Since LNG is a cryogenic liquid, it is stored on site in specially insulated cryogenic tanks. For LNG stations, it is then pumped from the storage tank and dispensed in a similar manner to other liquid fuels. Since LNG is stored and dispensed as a super cooled liquid, protective gloves and shields are typically worn when fueling a vehicle. For LCNG stations, the liquid is warmed and vaporized into Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for fueling.

Transgas is equipped to serve the LNG/LCNG Refueling Station market. We are able to provide the LNG transportation to both temporary and permanent onsite tanks.

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